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Intruder Alarm Commercial

Peace of mind that your business premises is secure is something we all take for granted. However with our custom Smart Alarm & Smartphone App, you'll take comfort in the knowledge that your premises is protected. Not only that, our app includes full event history, so you have full accountability of when your premises is being opened and closed, as well as integration of Live-View Cameras and much much more. 

All of our systems are SSAIB approved which means that all of our systems can be tailored to your insurers requirements!

Intruder Alarm donated to local RSPCA branch.

After a number of break-ins at the RSPCA shop in Brixham, Mandy and her team put out a request to spotted on social media to see if there was anything that could be done to help prevent further problems, losses and damage to the shop. 

Today we donated a Wireless Intruder Alarm to the RSPCA Brixham shop in order to help prevent future incidents as well as alert Mandy and her staff in the event of an intrusion.

We hope this will go a long way in preventing further damage and allow Mandy to feel more confident when closing the shop.

Store manager Mandy and Safegard Engineer Matt Heaselden.

Store manager Mandy and Safegard Engineer Matt Heaselden.

CCTV - Make sure your installer is SSAIB approved.

Not everyone knows that the CCTV camera market has industry approved standards. Here at Safegard Security we are SSAIB Approved CCTV installers, which means that you can be sure that your CCTV system is being installed to the highest regulated quality and standards.

Its these standards and codes of practice that ensure your system is fit for purpose, reliable and gives you the best quality images the security industry has to offer. 

Our 4MP Cameras give better than HD images, ensuring that every detail is covered on your premises. All our CCTV systems are smartphone accessible for live viewing and playback anywhere in the world! - Our experienced surveyors will make sure that our cameras are optimally positioned, so you wont miss a thing!

Commercial Intruder Alarm - Connected to your Smartphone.

About to begin another Commercial Intruder Alarm installation. All of our alarms can be connected to your smartphone, for setting/unsetting as well as activation notifications. You can be anywhere in the world and know that your home is protected! We offer free surveys for all new installations including upgrades! 

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