CCTV System, Camera, SSAIB, IP CCTV

CCTV Systems

Simplifying CCTV for the customer is one of Safegard Security’s specialities.  We will attend site, find out what areas you would like to cover, then work out the most effective way to monitor those areas for you. All the while using our years of experience to advise on potential risk areas that you may not have considered yourself.

Bringing you the latest products

Safegard Security are committed to product research and making sure that we are using the best products in an ever-developing market. We commit to only installing products that we know will not only provide you with the best quality images available, but will stand the test of time to give you many years of service from your system.

Our latest CCTV equipment comes with 4MP cameras offering up to 4k image quality. Gone are the days where CCTV produced grainy images with no chance of identification; you won’t believe the images that our cameras provide until we show you. We also offer cameras capable of full facial recognition as well as ANPR number plate recognition.

Smartphone accessibility.

All our systems contain built in networking facilities which allow you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world via a custom-made smartphone app. Don’t worry about setting it up, we will configure your system so that you’ll be viewing your cameras remotely before we leave site. Including live streaming and playback incidents immediately.

Give us a call to see what products we have available.